A Young Doctor’s Dreams

Did you ever lock your fingers together on top of your head, lean back, look up into space and dream of the things that you want to come true? Did you do that while you were in chiropractic school?

          The first image is of a comfortable, welcoming front office and patients waiting to see you. Then they are leaving, laughing, telling how great they feel while happily paying for your services. Your staff is happy and the older patients are excited about seeing you. Your bank account is full and you find yourself smiling on the weekend, thinking about vacation time with your family and friends.

          Do you want it to be this way?  It can be, and will be if you just apply a little old-fashioned common sense and some time to the planning and execution of your office. I have the answer - look at the changes in the profession that are happening daily and see the way the tides are turning for the future of healthcare.

           Chiropractic is no longer just the business of adjusting. With the medically integrated practice, it has expanded into regenerative medicine – including stem cell treatments, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, and many other innovations that can be part of a practice.

           What does this all mean? If you team up with a physical therapist, integrate an MD, physical therapist, or other practitioners into the team, and collaborate on the care of patients, you can offer a wide array of treatments. Your services will now be paid by insurance and statistics show that integrated practices are netting as much as four times that of a traditional chiropractic clinic.

         The integrated clinic is a team. With the implementation of the proper systems, you will no longer be held hostage by singular, personality-built and driven model. You’ll have a roster of practitioners at the ready to care for each of your patients - even when you're not there.

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