Why Medical Integration?

Why Medical Integration?

There are many reasons why our clients are interested in medical integration for their existing practices. Ranging from better profits to better purpose, below are just a couple of these factors.

Stronger Financial Stability

With drastic cuts in reimbursements, higher deductibles and co-pays, and less covered services, many practitioners (especially chiropractors) are having a harder time making that nest egg happen. The medically integrated office operates under a much wider scope of practice. Under this model, there are more reimbursed services, much better remuneration for services provided, as well as less scrutiny and hassle by insurers. Additionally, by adding cash services, such as an array of regenerative care approaches, you are tapping into a viable, sought-after genre by the public. AMI has proven these models and created a road map to providing them ethically as well as profitably.

By medically integrating, a clinic’s scope of services can dramatically expand.  AMI has pioneered the regenerative and functional care model, alongside traditional physical medicine practices, to provide a complete package under one roof to benefit patients.  For chiropractors, there are gross limitations on what can be performed, whereas the medical practice has a vast array of tools and protocols which receive little to no scrutiny when provided in this model.  Also for these practitioners, they can now serve the 90 percent of the community that does not utilize chiropractic services.  How many more people is that in your city?  As a holistic medical practice, your clinic can make a dramatic difference in the wellness of your community.

Expanded Scope of Services

Practice / Business Stability

Because of the long trending curve in health care, the integrated model provides the clinic a more solid foundation to operate from.  The scope of services a medical office can provide, coupled with the strong demand by the public for a wide array of holistic services, plus healthy reimbursements – means that the business will have the viability to thrive.  This model is able to easily adapt to the newest services and procedures since it is not reliant upon it being covered by providers.  The AMI group prides itself in innovating health-care services and continually explores and pilots novel procedures and approaches that align to the principled practice mindset.  Not to be missed, one of the greatest appeals to patients is that of a complete clinical team approach involved in their care, which ensures they are getting the best treatment possible to resolve their condition and outcomes. These models become referral giants as they far surpass the low expectations the former health-care model has afforded them!