What Can We Do in an Integrated Clinic

           Team up a Medical Doctor and a Chiropractor to work together in treating patients. Give them the goal of returning the patient to full health and function and you have an integrated practice.

           Make it your mission to treat patients without drugs or surgery. The goal? Cure the patient, correct our health care system, and the lead the way to the future of American healthcare.

What Services are Available in an Integrated Practice

           The licensed MD and Chiropractor team up to consult with each patient for the best treatment. Every patient receives treatment processes needed with the goal of using holistic and natural methods only, not drugs or useless surgery.

           Combine a Physical Therapist and a Nutritionist into the practice and this will add an extra dimension of rehab and vitality for your patients.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

           Regenerate means to revive or produce like new; to bring into existence again. It seeks to replace tissue or organs damaged by disease or trauma by using the body’s own healing powers. This new field involves a range of science from biology to engineering.

           Stem cell therapy falls under the umbrella of regenerative medicine umbrella.

What Does it Do?

           The body has a response to heal and defend itself when injured or invaded by disease. What if we could harness this power of the body to heal and give it a means to work even faster and better?

           Regenerative medicine restores the structures and function of damaged tissues and organs, allowing them to work as intended again.

Medical Devices and Artificial Organs

          With recent innovations, we’re beginning to see the creation of new body parts and organs from a patient’s own cells or tissues. The days of a laboratory-grown organ transplanted into a human, all made possible by regenerative medicine are nearly here!

Tissue Engineering

          By implanting a piece of artificial tissue at the site where the new tissue will grow, it becomes a "scaffold", or a form, in the shape of the tissue that needs to be replicated. The implanted tissue attracts new cells that grow over the scaffold in the shape desired and the formation of brand-new healthy tissue begins.

Regenerative Medicine

         Regenerative medicine is in the news, but what is it? There are building blocks the body uses to repair itself. Millions of undifferentiated cells abound in the human body, they can be harvested, and adapt to be used in many ways.

Hormone Replacement

         Hormone therapy is most often used to treat menopausal symptoms in women. It can also be used to help men with Testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction.


          Trigger point injections help to break loose locked up muscle fibers and tissues.

          Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections relieve pain by promoting accelerated healing of muscular and skeletal conditions. The preferred treatment of professional athletes, PRP can result in quicker recovery and long-lasting relief of pain.

           How is it harvested? From you!

           Blood is extracted, then spun at a high velocity to separate the components and to concentrate the platelets. This plasma is then injected directly into the injured area to promote healing.


          When it comes to recovering from an injury and staying healthy, movement matters. The key is doing the right kinds of movement and exercising at the right intensity.

          Chiropractic care usually involves rehabilitation exercises. Rehab optimizes recovery from injuries and reduces the possibility of relapse.

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 Dr. Mike Carberry, D.C.