Practice Model of the Future 

Est. 2018 | Featuring Dr. Mike Carberry, D.C.

Join Dr. Mike Carberry, DC and various guests for this innovative and informative podcast. Topics covered will include medical integration, regenerative medicine, interviews with thought leaders from the Chiropractic and Medical worlds, as well as all other facets regarding the Practice Model of the Future. 

We're doing this for one reason: To change the face of healthcare.

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"At a time when most doctors are running for cover, Dr. Michael Carberry is walking the other direction."


Episode 104:
A Positive Effect on Quality of Life with Dr. Ken Gilman

AMI Marketing LIVE:
Market Your Practice! (Originally streamed January 13th, 2021)

Episode 103:
Measuring Range of Motion with JTECH

AMI Marketing LIVE:
First show of the year! (Originally streamed January 6th, 2021)

Episode 102:
The State of the Opioid Crisis with Dr. John Rosa

Episode 101:
Explaining and Understanding Q Codes pt 2

Episode 100:
Advanced Medical Integration with Brandon Dawson

Episode 99:
Explaining and Understanding Q Codes

Episode 98:
Injection University

Episode 97:
Better Results Faster with Dr. Brad Watts

Episode 96:
Investments, Taxes, and More

Episode 95:
Signature Biologics

Episode 94:
Rapid Testing and Getting Back to Work

Episode 93:
Financial Freedom

Episode 92:
Intro to AMI Basics Training

Episode 91:
Putting a Personal Touch on Nonpersonal Doctor-Patient Communications

Episode 90:
Planning Now for Your Future Success

Episode 89:
AMI co-founder and CEO, Dr. Eric Huntington, DC

Episode 88:
Marketing Your Business part 2

Episode 87:
Marketing Your Business part 1

Episode 86:
Crushing COVID

Episode 85:
DME Implementation Supports The Healing Process

Episode 84:
Taking the Holistic Approach in a Medically Integrated Clinic

Episode 83:
Dr. Steven Brownstein, MD

Episode 82:
Shifting to Webinars: A Practice Attracts New Patients

Episode 81:
Maximize Patient Results in a Regen Setting

Episode 80:
How to Maximize Your Forgiveness

Episode 79:
Eric Huntington, DC - AMI's CEO

Episode 78:
AMI Goes to 10X Growthcon

Episode 77:
Norm Schrager of Patient Pop on Growth & Marketing

Episode 76:
Josh Massingill, esp. Discusses Texas HB 810

Episode 75:
Dr. Mike Carberry on The Prospecting Show

Episode 74:
AMI's Founders at Cardone Ventures

Episode 73:
David Lee Jensen on Hiring the Right People

Episode 72:
Dr. Carberry's Year in Review

Brandon Dawson at AMI

Episode 71:
Brandon Dawson and the Founders of AMI

Episode 70:
Dr. John Rosa at the AMI Symposium pt 2

Episode 69:
Dr. John Rosa at the AMI Syposium pt 1

Episode 68:
Rev. Fred Shaw at the AMI Symposium

Episode 67:
Cory Bergeron at the AMI Symposium

Episode 66:
Dr. Mike Carberry at the AMI Symposium

Episode 65:
Brandon Dawson at the AMI Symposium pt 2

Episode 64:
Brandon Dawson at the AMI Symposium pt 1

Episode 62:
Interview - Kevin Harrington

Episode 61:
Don Mann - Setting Goals

Episode 60:
Interview - Tim Grover in Chicago

Episode 59:
2019 Medical Integration Symposium Preview

Episode 58:
Road Trip to the FCA

Episode 57:
Discovery Day - An Introduction

Episode 56:
Interview - Coleen Carberry

Episode 55:
Dr. Mike Carberry and the 'Why' of AMI

Episode 54:
Interview - Dr. John Rosa

Episode 53:
Interview - Cory Bergeron

Episode 52:
Interview - Don Mann

Episode 51:
The Death of American Healthcare

Episode 50:

Episode 49:
Dr. Mike Carberry - Opening of AMI Sales Training

Episode 48:
Dr. Stephanie Chaney, DC - AMI Orlando 2019

Episode 47:
Dr. Justin Thompson - AMI Orlando 2019

Episode 46:
Dr. Mike Carberry's New Book: "The Death of American Healthcare"

Episode 45:
Dr. Mike Carberry - AMI Orlando 2019

Episode 44:
Rev. Fred Shaw - AMI Orlando 2019

Episode 41:
Dr. John Rosa - AMI Orlando 2019

Episode 40:
The Advanced Medical Integration Model

Episode 39:
Interview with Grant Cardone

Episode 38:
Interview: Tim Grover

Episode 37:
Become Successful Doing What's Right

Episode 36:
Scaling Your Business

Episode 35:
The Opioid Crisis

Episode 34:
Dr. Justin Thompson at AMI's Orlando 2018 Convention

Episode 33:
How to Deliver Your Next Presentation

Episode 32:
Interview: Dr. John Rosa

Episode 31:
Regenerative Medicine

Episode 30:
Evolution of the Practice Model of the Future

Episode 29:
Elicit the Emotional Response

Episode 28:
What is Neuropathy?

Episode 27:
Disrupting the Healthcare System

Episode 26:
Dr. John Rosa at the AMI 2018 Las Vegas Convention pt 3

Episode 25:
Dr. John Rosa at the AMI 2018 Las Vegas Convention pt 2

Episode 24:
Dr. John Rosa at the AMI 2018 Las Vegas Convention pt 1

Episode 23:
Personality-Driven vs. Sytem-Driven Practices

Episode 22:
Dr. Carberry at the AMI 2018 Las Vegas Convention

Episode 21:
Types of Chiropractic

Episode 20:
Reversing the Disease Timeline

Episode 19:
Q&A with Dr. Mike Carberry

Episode 18:
Interview: Dr. Stu Hoffman of ChiroSecure

Episode 17:
The Differences Between the Integrated and Chiropractic Models

Episode 16:
Startling Facts of the Opioid Crisis

Episode 15:
The Disease Timeline

Episode 14:
Interview: AMI CEO,
Dr. Eric Huntington

Episode 13:
Interview: Dr. Bobbee Palmer of The Chiropractic Business Academy

Episode 12:
Interview: Don Peterson of Dynamic Chiropractic

Episode 11:
Selling by Your Philosophy

Episode 10:
Marketing Your Practice Properly

Episode 9:
Maintaining a Successful Practice

Episode 8:
Exit Strategy

Episode 7:
How to Implement Regenerative Medicine

Episode 6:
Philosophy on Healthcare

Episode 5:
Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Mike Carberry

Episode 4:
Viewpoint and Systems

Episode 3:
Mike's Story and Services

Episode 2:
Integrated Medical Practice

Episode 1:
How to Run Your Practice from 2200 Miles Away

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