PODCAST: Rev. Fred Shaw at the 2019 Medical Integration Symposium

On October 11th, 2019 Rev. Fred Shaw addressed the attendees of the Medical Integration Symposium in San Diego, CA. Shaw came to discuss the shocking disregard with which many medical professionals will throw prescription drugs at a problem. Many of these cases are avoidable and are often treatable without the need for dangerous prescription drugs.

"I talked to the top psychiatrist in L.A. county some years ago and I accused him of drugging kids with less than seven minutes of evaluation and he admitted it.

I said, "Why would you do that?" He said, "We don't have the time to counsel all of them."

So this isn't about mental health. This is about mental control. When you give a person anything for health, they are supposed to get better. If I have a bad leg, and when you fix it and I'm walking good and moving good, you'll say that he has a healthy leg.

If it's not fixed, then there's still a problem with the leg."

Rev. Shaw is insightful, entertaining, and heart-felt. Watch his entire presentation from episode 68 of the AMI Today podcast below...

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