[Part 3] Regenerative Medicine Report 2018

Regenerative Medicine Part 3

                In previous chapters in this series we covered the definitions of certain protocols used in Regenerative Medicine, such as Stem Cell therapy, Hyaluronic Acid, and others, as well as covered the huge potential these new amazing therapies can be used by Doctors.  We shows how operating an Integrated practice utilizing Regenerative Medicine could greatly enhance one’s ability to deliver wellness to every one of your patients without fail.


Now what is the possible downside of implementing or integrating Regenerative Medicine into your practice.  So now you have decided to bring someone into your office who can deliver stem cell therapy.  The pitfall involved Chiropractors who already have medically integrated practices and who provide stem cell injection to patients.  This doctor asks if he can hold stem cell seminars at your office and asks you to invite your patients and your office staff.  He says he also plans to open the seminar to the public.

Not a Sweet Deal

Sounds like a sweet deal, right? No out of pocket, just invite your patients, and get a percentage of the take.  This is not a good deal!

The Doctor is the Only Beneficiary of Such a Scheme

The only one who benefits in this scheme is the doctor holding the seminar.  Not you, your staff or your patients.  He is tapping into your hard earned patient base, and providing an inferior level of care.

Scam Involves Chiropractors Just to do the Process

This scam involves chiropractors who “integrate” their offices by hiring a doctor only to administer stem cell injections on a cash basis.  Makes money, but fails to treat the whole patient, which is part and parcel of the chiropractic philosophy.

Stem Cell Treatment Alone Neglects Other Treatment Areas

For example, a stem cell injection may help a patient with structural problems that may manifest in the knee. Treating the knee but failing to address other problems, such as a hip out of alignment, can create other, more pressing health challenges for the patient.

This is a partial medical integration that neglects to take into consideration the full scope of patient care. These doctors are hoping to profit from a very valuable cutting-edge treatment option, stem cells –  by tapping into growing patient interest and curiosity.

Low Hanging Fruit

They pick off the “low hanging fruit” in their areas before expanding into other communities –  yours.  After having exhausted the patient base in their immediate areas, these doctors expand their marketing efforts to further tap into new territory; in other words, they focus their marketing efforts on people in your community, which includes your own patients.

Non Compete?

To seal the deal, some would have the temerity to ask you to sign a non-compete agreement.  Their aim is profit at patient’s expense.

Full medical integration models target the complete care of patients which may involve responsible, focused use of stem cells to repair problems but also examining how it fits into the larger picture of full patient recovery.

AMI Condemns

AMI condemns this partial-integration approach that consigns patient care as a secondary priority.  When you encounter this type of offer, just say no.