[Part 2] Regenerative Medicine Report 2018

Covered in Chapter 1 of this series

                In our first of the series on Regenerative Medicine, the aspects of the various forms of therapy were discussed: stem cell, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, were defined and discussed as the new form of treatment for so many ills that have previously been only in the province of traditional medicine and chiropractic. We showed how that Regenerative Medicine is the healthcare of the future.

                Now, we will discuss how it fits hand in glove with Chiropractic and Integrative practices.

AMI Will Get You on Board

Advance Medical Integration (AMI) is the premier industry source for information on regenerative medicine. An integrative practice provides more comprehensive and full-scope treatment than available to the patient in singular Chiropractic or traditional medical practices. This is because the integrative office marries traditional medical technology with that of Chiropractic, Functional, Acupuncture, Regenerative Medicine, and other proven care providers, making it all available under one roof.

AMI Guides Clients to a Regenerative/Integrative Practice         

In addition to this, AMI provides the guidance and direction to get connected with these amazing breakthroughs which promise a revolution in the way healthcare is delivered and will be delivered in the future. AMI can walk you through the mystery and the marvel of how regenerative medicine can work for you and what it will take to implement treatment protocols at your clinics.

Vital to Catch this Wave of the Future

                It is vital that every Doctor step up and catch the wave of medical science’s greatest transformation in the history of human civilization. Change is coming.  The ability to deliver health and healing is here at your fingertips, which fits perfectly into the Chiropractic model and philosophy.

What Else Can Stem Cells Do

                More and more is learned daily about the usage of stem cells in healthcare.  Stem cells are “undifferentiated”, meaning that they are cells that have no purpose or function until they are converted to a cell which is part of the body. When injected into that body part they “become” just like the body part they are now part of, and begin functioning as a healthy cell there, multiplying itself, rejuvenating that area and making it healthy and functional.  Research by Dr. Dongsheng Cai’ of New York City’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s asserts that administering fresh stem cells may slow or even reverse aging when injected into that area of the brain that determines the rate of aging.  

Aging Slowed in Middle-Aged Mice

                An incredible breakthrough for the human race is the possibility that death may be postponed and life extended, giving a higher quality of living experience. This fact is proven by injecting stemcells into the hypothalamus or middle age mice. Are we on the way to a kind of immortality, with the ability to fix, replace any defective body part as well as extend life indefinitely?  We are not daunted, we are diving right into this technology that will guarantee a better, longer life for all of us.

On The Cusp of Reaching Man’s Dream of Long Life and Total Wellness

 We are on the cusp of the age-old quest to stall aging. Ponce de Leon spent his life searching for the Fountain of Youth, and he would be happy to see that it really may be true. This process has been recognized as being a means to avoid expensive surgery and other costly medical care costs. Arkansas has now endorsed it by insuring its employees for coverage for stem cell treatment. It is not a pipe-dream. It is for real. The answer to healthcare is here and at the rate of discovery, within just another few years the face of Healthcare will not be recognizable. And that is a good thing. So Doctor, you should be ready for it.

How Can You Get Involved?

How do you get ready?  Call AMI to learn how to integrate your practice and to get this amazing technology into your practice as soon as you can.