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“At a time when most doctors are running for cover, Dr. Michael Carberry is walking the other direction.”


It occurred to us many years ago that we ARE NOT going to be able to change it within only the chiropractic scope of practice.

Don’t get me wrong. We do what we do as chiropractors because getting adjusted is one of the best things anyone can do for their health. But in order to actually shift healthcare for the better, we must be involved in the other aspects of healthcare delivery, namely medicine.

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Sackler Family Works to Hide $1 Billion Amongst Lawsuits

Earlier this week, Purdue Pharma, run by the Sackler family, was sued by thousands of municipal governments, as well as almost half of the states, due to its role in the opioid epidemic. This epidemic has been killing 150 people a day, and as a result, the settlement would have the family pay $3 billion

Purdue Pharma case

Purdue Pharma Reaches Settlement For its Role in the Opioid Crisis

Opioids have been around for a long time, and are used primarily to treat chronic pain. However, in recent years, they have been prescribed far more often than before and they are now commonly found on the streets as illicit sales increase – causing far more of an issue. According to, 130 people die

Effects of Opioid Use on Highway Safety

The warning ‘don’t use while driving’ is a very famous one, but the threat has never been as real as it is now. The exposure to opioids is becoming more and more threatening – for everyone. Not only is the health of the individual that uses them while driving at risk, but also those on

The Dangers of Opioid Use in the Workplace

Opioids are prescribed to treat severe or persistent pain. Most often, they are used to treat moderate to severe pain that may not respond well to other pain medications. They are prescribed to treat backaches, pain associated with surgery, cancer, and/or other painful medical conditions. By binding to certain receptors in the brain, spinal cord, and other areas

Emerging Segments in the Chiropractic Market

In 2017, the value of the chiropractic market was measured at $12.25 billion. The increasing acceptance of chiropractic care is one of the elements leading to the cost-saving benefit associated with chiropractic care. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve all techniques/methods in homeopathic treatment. However, when it comes to affordability and better patient

Better Patient Outcomes, Lower Costs with Medical Integration

In the last couple of years, there have been significant efforts towards integrating conventional medicine and chiropractic treatment together. Both sides are now beginning to identify, recognize, and embrace their respective values. More and more medical doctors and nurses are signing on to become part of integrated healthcare practices with chiropractors. MDs and chiropractors are acknowledging


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