Medical Integration Works for the Patient and the Doctor

We get asked regularly about the clinics we help to integrate, whether there was any change from the previous practice to the new collaboration with other healthcare professionals - and what the impact was. Here are a few examples that are typical of what medical integration means to the clinics and providers we work with every single day.

Dr. Wesley Johnson, DC - Panama City, Florida

Dr. Wesley Johnson, DC, is a dedicated chiropractor and family medicine provider specializing in the treatment of neuropathy, chronic pain, neck pain, headaches, and sciatica. As the founder of Florida Neuro Pain & Spine Center in Panama City, Florida, Dr. Johnson has assembled a team of experienced and compassionate medical professionals to help patients recover from pain and return to their favorite activities.

Dr. Johnson was born and raised in Panama City. He attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences. Dr. Johnson then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida, where he earned his doctorate in chiropractic.

With a desire to help as many people as possible through conservative medicine and chiropractic care, Dr. Johnson moved to Holland to serve as a chiropractor in various hospitals and clinics. Upon his return to the U.S., Dr. Johnson founded Florida Neuro Pain & Spine Center to provide care in his hometown. 

Dr. Johnson integrated his practice and found himself “not making a dime.” He knew he needed guidance, but those he had to help were totally messing everything up. He cast about and found AMI, not expecting anything any different, not thinking anyone could help. He signed up with AMI in 2017 and says that finally he knows that there is value in what he does. Before there was no organization, no efficiency. Now he has systems and procedures that work. “Now they work and my patients get well.

“I grew 350% in one year.  Before I was seeing 100 a week, now, after just 18 months with AMI, I am seeing 400, with four or five new patients a day. My income has increased 3X and I am no longer a slave to a personality-driven practice because of the systems and procedures created by AMI.” 

Dr. James Warlick, DC - Tri-Cities, Tennessee 

Dr. Warlick says “My practice has increased tenfold”, from a personality-driven practice making $400,000 a year to projections of up to $4,000,000 this year - all in only 2 years of following the AMI program! He says that under the new system-driven practice, they can render many more services to each patient, and the results are happy, pain-free clients. On top of that, he is no longer frozen at the office at all hours since there’s now a team on hand. The office runs much more efficiently than it had and he is free to spent time with his family now!

Lauren Carbo (Office Manager) - Baltimore, MD Back and Pain Center 

Ms. Carbo says they’ve been able to greatly expand the services they offer. There are new treatments they can do that were not possible before, such as Hyaluronic acid injection and Trigger Point injections which allow rehab to take place with less pain and discomfort. It works to avoid pain during rehab which expands a patient's ability to do rehab more effectively.

Their practice has expanded by 2.5 times since they integrated 18 months ago. Following the well mapped out AMI program allowed for organized and systematic growth in the number of needed employees, expanded services, and ability to follow our purpose of avoiding drugs and invasive surgery. 

David Segraves (Clinic Director) - Elite Healthcare of Muncie (IL) Inc.

“My father, 3 uncles, and one aunt are all chiropractors. I went to a top 5 university for entrepreneurship and business administration. I own a clinic in Mason, Ohio and Hebron, Kentucky. I also manage my father’s clinics in Muncie and Dunkirk, Indiana." 

"All are medically integrated clinics where we offer stem cell injections, PRP injections, various joint injections, trigger point injections, therapeutic exercise, chiropractic, men’s health services, weight loss, neuropathy treatments, and massage.” 

“Implementing AMI’s systems into our practices has doubled our income and allowed us more freedom to create in our business and personal lives.”

David says that they can offer more services than are available in a typical chiropractic clinic. The income has doubled (at least) in each clinic and there are no problems with collections from insurers. Last, but not least, the patients are treated without drugs or invasive surgery. 

Dr. Dwyer Scott, DC - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Dr. Dwyer Scott laughed and said, “fifty thousand to make what I make is a no brainer.” A real professional and hard worker, over thirteen years in practice, Dr. Scott built a huge personality-based practice, with no control of his time for his family or for his life. Does this sound familiar to you?

After interviewing many companies he found AMI. He acquired an MD, nurse practitioner, filled out his staff, and within a year he had quadrupled his income. Now he says it works better when he’s not there. A $400,000 clinic turned into over a million-dollar clinic in just one year and he projects that it will be worth $10 million a year within five years. 

Five Stellar Successes with AMI

These success stories are what AMI does every day for doctors that want to provide more services, have a real life and time with the family, and to create other income sources. Like Dr. Scott says, AMI “is a no brainer.”

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