Medical Integration – How To Choose a Physician

You’ve made the investment. You’re ready to take your practice to the next level. You are in the middle of medically integrating your chiropractic clinic and you’re facing what appears to be the greatest obstacle: Hiring a physician.

How do you do it?

Medically integrating your office has benefits, including expanding your practice and offering your patients a wider variety of health-care services and treatments.

You decided to integrate your office because you know only slightly more than 10 percent of the American public will seek chiropractic treatment while nearly everyone will go to a medical doctor in their lifetimes – and most of them on a regular basis.

Medical integration overcomes a significant barrier to growth of your practice by putting you in the mainstream of American health care.

But hiring a doctor? That’s the question.

We at Advanced Medical Integration will help you through the process with methods tried and tested in the real world of health care. We will show you where to look for qualified physicians, how to advertise, how to interview and whether you should hire a recruiter.

Recruiting a Recruiter

If you’re thinking about hiring a recruiter, you may want to give it a second thought. Some recruiters may charge 20 percent of the physician’s annual salary. That could cost you $20,000. We use a network of vendors with recruiter fees as low as $5,000.

You must conduct interviews once you’ve selected the top physician candidates. Asking medical doctor questions can be intimidating however with our help you will have nothing to worry about.

Medical physicians view their professions and their responsibilities differently than chiropractors. Most students (90 percent) at chiropractic schools said they would prefer to own their practices. Most students (90 percent) in medical schools prefer practicing medicine and not owning the business.

Since chiropractors and physicians (and nurse practitioners) hold different goals, have different priorities and form different health-care philosophies, you must watch for professional cues.

Part of the interview process should include ensuring the physician candidate agrees with your health-care philosophy. Having a medical doctor who prescribes pharmaceutical drugs as the first choice for pain relief in non-drug practice will likely cause friction. Medical doctors should share your health-care vision.

Regulations prohibit you from telling medical doctors at your practice how to treat individual patients. The scope of medical doctor’s license is wider than chiropractor’s. However, you can inform doctors what services your practice provides. Services your practice don’t provide must be referred elsewhere or not performed at your practice.

We at Advanced Medical Integration are able to provide you with the questions and the guidance to hire the ideal physician to help take your practice to the next level. With more than two decades of experience, we understand first-hand how to hire medical doctors.