An Interview with Tim Grover

Want to learn how elite professional athletes think and operate from the very man who was their trainer? Tim Grover has worked with hundreds of world-class athletes, including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and helped to make them even greater.

Interview with Tim Grover        

Tim Grover is known as ‘THE Trainer’ - he is a true superstar of professional trainers. He will literally take over the athlete’s life to make sure that they are physically, spiritually, and mentally fit. He focuses on nutrition, rest, exercise, he handles injuries, and is glad to talk about how he did it.

In his discussion with Dr. Carberry below (from episode 38 of the AMI Today podcast), he drives home professionalism and how the proper mindset plays a role in any successful business.

Dr. Mike Carberry, a founder and owner of Advanced Medical Integration, interviewed Grover, a personal trainer for Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and dozens of other NBA stars during his long career as a trainer and the founder of Attack Athletics.

“Tim Grover knows more than anyone about the mental side of sports. This book is the blueprint for discovering what you are capable of achieving, getting results you never imagined, reaching the highest level of success – and then going even higher.” - Kobe Bryant
How Grover Became a Trainer

Both of his parents were in healthcare and wanted him to be a doctor, but his interest was in exercise science. During his four years as an undergrad, he never heard anything about medicine, drugs, etc. It was all about nutrition, exercise, and how to stay healthy.

Grover was a player on the school's football team when he blew out his knee. After surgery, his leg had shrunk, “like my little finger,” he said, but the doctor told him, “you are good to go.”

Decision to be a Professional Trainer

He knew about exercise and what was required to build the strength in his leg back up again, so he devised his own exercise and therapy regimen. It was at that moment that he made the decision that he would see to it that no one should have to experience what he'd gone through after his surgery.

How Michael Jordan Found Him

There are fifteen players on a basketball team. Grover wrote fourteen typewritten letters about his services to all of the players on the Chicago Bulls’ roster… except one. He thought that Michael Jordan didn’t need his help - he was the greatest player in the NBA after all, so he didn’t send him a letter.

Despite all those letters being sent out, only one response came back... it was Michael Jordan.

Jordan had read one of the letters his teammates had received and was curious. After multiple inquiries from various parties about his work, Grover was eventually invited to an address and the world’s greatest basketball player answered the door.

Elite Athletes are Different

Grover says he made a deal with Jordan: “Give me thirty days.” That meant that he would show the Bulls’ superstar how he could make a difference in just one month. It worked.

Jordan contracted with him, and only him, as his trainer for one year. He explained that he’d made the deal for a year not just to work with him, but mainly not to work with anyone else. This is how began for them, a partnership that kept Michael Jordan in stellar condition throughout his career.

Eventually Jordan introduced him to Kobe Bryant and several others. Since then, Grover has used his “whole man” system to keep these elite professionals at the top of their game and at the top of their sport.

Do What it Takes to Get There

Highly driven people like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are constantly striving to become even better. They are open to new ideas and they, unlike most other people, know the keys to success are all about clarity and focus.

They know to get there they must put in the work. They will listen - not just hear advice - and understand what has to be done. Because of their uncommon willpower, they will actually follow through and do the drills necessary. They know it will take them where they want to go.

Grover says these true professionals know they can always improve and strive to find ways to make that happen. When a client is injured, he addresses the cause, not the symptoms. His proven system of whole body and person training has champions like Michael Jordan spreading the word. Now, Grover is a master in the world of professional sports trainers.

Closers, Coolers and Cleaners.

In Tim Grover’s book, Relentless, From Good to Great to Unstoppable, he describes three kind of people: the Closer, the Cooler, and the Cleaner.

The closer is great and performs if there are no barriers or significant stops for a reward. The Cooler does what he is told to do and no more. The Cleaner gets the top end result over and over because he is in competition with himself and always expects more of himself than anyone else; to be better this time than last time. He is driven to help others achieve their goals, elevating those around him.

Dr. Carberry and Medically Integrated Clinics

Doctors who choose to medically integrate their clinics in order to better serve their patients with holistic and drug free treatment are cleaners. They are seeking constantly for a better way to grow and provide stellar service.

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