An Interview with Grant Cardone

On the 25th and 26th of April, 2019, Advanced Medical Integration (AMI) is holding its annual convention in Orlando, Florida. Three celebrity keynote speakers will provide inspirational and motivational information that can be heard nowhere else. On the schedule are Tim Grover, superstar trainer of elite athletes (such as Michael Jordan); Dr. John Rosa, a consultant for the White House team combating the opioid crisis, and Grant Cardone*, one of the world’s top motivational speakers coaching doctors to change their mindset and help grow their practices. It will be an electrifying event!

Dr. Mike and Coleen Carberry interviewed Grant Cardone to discuss Cardone’s highly anticipated talk on what doctors need to do to enhance and grow their practices. In this interview, he gave us a preview of what to expect.

John Rosa

Dr. Carberry begins by talking about Dr. John Rosa, of New Jersey, also one of the keynote speakers, who is fighting the opioid crisis. To help raise awareness, he’s helped to produce a movie trailer on the opioid that will be shown throughout the United States; Dr. Rosa is planning a US tour to promote it.

Doctor Problems

As a caregiver, restrictive regulations are making it more and more difficult to provide good care. Coverage for many treatments is either limited or non-existent. The current traditional healthcare system in the US is simply symptom handling, or as Cardone says, “twisting a cap and popping a pill”. Chiropractic goes to the root cause with a purpose of handling the whole patient, far more than just symptoms.


Grant Cardone says that the focus of the doctor should be on getting and supporting more patients. It is essential to learn the business end of operating a clinic to be successful and not just have attention on the technical side of chiropractic.

Present at the event will be those who are at the top doing well, those struggling and wanting to learn how to do better, and the final group who just cannot do better regardless of what they do because of the economy, politics, wages, etc. These are all great candidates to benefit from what Cardone teaches.

Cardone Asks, “what can I do for you at the event?”

Dr. Carberry says that AMI employees are all on Cardone U, and Cardone is the one to motivate people to stand up and move forward. Healthcare needs that right now.

Coleen Carberry says that every new client is now applying Cardone’s 10X rule and reading his book as a required viewpoint to become a client of AMI. Cardone’s presence will energize and inspire all of the attendees to follow these rules and succeed by learning to flourish and prosper through integration.

“I want no pain and to stay young,” Says Cardone

“That is what we sell – life,” says Coleen. Dr. Carberry says “our competition is the leading cause of death in Americans under 50.” Grant says that doctors should be half about business, about getting new patients through the door and administering them and the other half being doctors. Otherwise they cannot be successful.  


Cardone says “practitioners who are committed to holistic healing, vitality, and longevity should embrace what is needed. What is needed is to succeed by growing and getting more patients to enjoy what they do. This will guarantee survival and expansion to serve a greater number.  I promise to do my part to help build their businesses, scale their businesses. They can go to Greece, be on a yacht, and be wherever they want to be, traveling two weeks while employees continue to deliver the same care to their patients. You can grow your practice once you see how simple it is. It is just simplification.”


The person holding the purse strings, being conservative and afraid, will say we don’t have enough money to hire another person. This office fails to realize that it isn’t “my money” it is the patient’s money. Having employees is vital. This makes the difference. “All of the time spent should be in getting new patients.  That which attracts attention attracts money,” says Cardone. “You just need to know what to say.”


Take a chiropractor and add a physical therapist, nurse practitioner or an MD, and you have a fully integrated clinic. This gives a vastly expanded ability to handle every patient’s needs by all of the caregivers working as a team.

Integration will expand the options you can offer each patient in terms of care. Offering more services will help bring in more patients and more patients means growth.

Time is Money

Time is money; in fact, it is more important than making money. Cardone says he has the key to creating time and plans to discuss it at the AMI convention in Orlando. Dr. Carberry says there is an invitation-only mastermind group that teaches all of this. Other considerations are also taught, like strategizing and quantifying the intangible side – what patients think of the services they’ve received, the office setting, and its culture.

At the Event

Grant Cardone, who is an expert at hosting giant events, says that one of the big purposes and benefits of getting so many people together is networking. People can see that they are not alone. Business owners, who are normally isolated, get a chance to talk to others in same position they’re in and are able to brainstorm and find solutions to mutual problems.

Coleen Carberry says the main lecture will have a pain management specialist and anesthesiologist, who will explain how to alleviate pain without opioids. There are “breakout” rooms, for staff training, where the nuts and bolts on rehab, bracing, billing, and collections are taught with a mixed media presentation along with handouts for attendees to follow along.

 What it is About

Mrs. Carberry says, “here is an opportunity to bring your staff. It is a team building thing. You are going to learn, hear and see things and speakers you will never see at our other events. The staff will train in separate rooms. Business owners often sit in their office and feels like an isolated island. As a group you see hundred of other practitioners doing the same thing and up against the same problems you have. And you are going to see that you can do it and your staff is going to see that there’s somebody else besides you actually doing it successfully, ‘Look at all of these people doing the same thing’”.

Real Value

Cardone says that the “real value is I get to be with other people with the same problems but with different results. We are all on the same playing field.” Coleen Carberry adds that. “many are from the same state and they exchange numbers and ideas that work. This is a massive group here, and everyone is on the same mission. There will be 500 doctors from across the United States.”

Grant Cardone is the founder and CEO of Cardone Enterprises. His primary venture is Cardone Training Technologies that helps companies grow sales by customizing their sales processes to be more effective. He also owns and operates Cardone University, Cardone Acquisitions, Cardone Capital and the Grant Cardone TV Network.

*An overview of Grant Cardone’s success:

  • $800M real estate tycoon
  • Customers include Fortune 500 companies
  • Forbes #1 “25 Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2017”
  • New York Times bestselling author
  • 20 million user logins at Grant Cardone online sales training university
  • Raised $200M for charities
  • Grant Cardone Net Worth: $300 Million+
  •  Top social media influencer

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