How to Grow Your Practice

          Every doctor dreams of a flood of smiling, happy patients streaming through their front door. To most doctors, this is just a dream; to others, it’s a reality… but it didn’t just happen.


           Design your website to serve your chosen niche, which could be any of several specialties. People find the services they want online, so it’s important to get your site and content ranked.

          The most successful chiropractic clinics build their sites with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Tailoring your online presence helps to ensure that patients can find your content.


          There are certain common phrases, or keywords, that people type into search engines when looking for a chiropractor. It’s vital that you incorporate these keywords (and phrases) into your pages and blogs, which will help ensure that your site will match as many queries as possible.

           Search engines will rank you higher in their search results based on keyword frequency, meta tags, headings (and sub headings), links, and site structure. The goal is to get featured as high as the first two or three pages on any search engine.

          If you complete this task, your clinic can be found by someone searching for an integrated practice with your specialty.

How Else do They Find Out About You?

          Many books have been written about the subject, but there are basics beyond your website. Being recognized as a quality individual and doctor should be the first goal.

           You need to tie your name to an identifiable concept or image, such as a logo (created by a professional) and then your business card.

Marketing and Promotion

         Develop a marketing plan and create promotional activities within your plan. Build an email list of clients and send them updates, newsletters, special offers, and discounts (like family plans) regularly.

          Interacting with prospective patients is key. Learn and use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – they’re free to set up.

          This is what we do at Advanced Medical Integration – we bring medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists together to focus on the patient’s care and well-being as a team.

Ways to Grow

          The secret is to offer something nobody else does, or provide a service that you’re better at than everyone else. Of course, you could do it all, but without patients, there’s no business.

          To attract a specific type of patient and build an image, you’ll need to let them know you’re out there first. Get a feel for what the community needs, combine it with what you love to do, and promote that.

          Remember the line from the movie, Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” Let patients know you are there, show them you’re good at what you do, and they will come.

The Public is Funny

           There is a bit of a catch 22 here, that is, if you advertise some specialties, the public may think that’s all you do. Advertising that you specialize in lower back pain, headaches, regenerative medicine, or carpal tunnel cases may chase away a patient in need of treatment for neck pain.

           Along with any special offers you make, be sure to list the areas of service and treatments you provide as well.

Promote Yourself Offering New Things

          As an integrated practice, not only can you promote your ability to perform chiropractic adjustments, but you can offer more than the average chiropractor. Regenerative medicine, therapeutic exercise, specialized rehab, trigger point injections, bracing, and hormone replacement therapy are all examples of services that an integrated practice can offer.

           Promote these therapies by sharing videos on social media and your website. Highlight what you offer, combine that with patient success stories, and you’ve got a well-rounded promotional tool kit to use.

Specialization or Niche Areas

          Within the multiple services offered, you can promote any particular niche such as “No More Leg Pain,” “The Headache Doctor,” “The Back Doctor”, etc. Be sure to focus on the successes in each area you choose to offer when you promote your business.

The Future of Healthcare is in Integration

          A clinic offering a large range of services including medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, etc is ideal. The time to build such a practice is here and now, not in the future.

          An integrated practice can help more patients without the need for dangerous drugs or invasive surgery. Plus, it’s more profitable than a standalone chiropractic practice.

Learn Why so Many Doctors are Choosing Medical Integration

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 Dr. Mike Carberry, D.C.