Great News From The Orlando Convention

450 Attendees. 6 different sessions. 30+ Vendors. 

This was NOT state association event. It did not include CE credits. This was purely based on the value of the training and education delivered at this event.

This event was held by Advanced Medical Integration in partnership with our sister company the Chiropractic Business Academy in Orlando, FL.

We've done some research and have not found any other Non-CE chiropractic event in the US that compares to this.

This is big.

We also had a surrogate from the White House Opioid Crisis Response team speak twice at this event. To say that he was impressed by this group would be an understatement.

While this event is usually only for clients we also opened this event up to non-clients for the first time.

We'll be holding our next event in Las Vegas in October. Super Early Bird Tickets are now available at a 50% discount. 


Call 888-777-0815 to reserve your spot. Our next event will likely have between 500-700 attendees and you'll want to make sure to grab your spot before we run out of space!