A Conversation with Tim Grover in Chicago

Tim Grover recently sat down to chat with Dr. Mike Carberry in Chicago and the two had a great conversation that spanned Grover’s beginnings all the way to what keeps him going. Grover first appeared at one of AMI’s events when he joined people like Grant Cardone and Dr. John Rosa as keynote speakers at our convention in Orlando in April – and he stole the show!

Tim Grover is a world-class trainer and his clients are some of the most accomplished athletes in the history of sport. He knows the mindset it takes to excel at the highest levels, and the mindset it take to make the changes that will help you achieve the success you’re looking for.

“Any change that happens in an individual in life, no matter what they're dealing with physically, mentally, emotionally, where's it start? It starts on the inside and comes out.” - Tim Grover

Among the names you’d recognized on his client list are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant – but he’s worked with way more people than we can here. He’s a master of getting the body ready, working his clients through injuries, and of creating the mindset that is needed to compete at the highest levels.

Watch episode 60 of the AMI Today podcast featuring Tim Grover below…

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