The College Entrance Scam and Production

          Ahhh! The sweet years in college, the irresponsibility, the parties, the fun! Unless you had to work to support yourself while juggling studies and other responsibilities, that is. Or unless you never went because your family couldn’t afford it and you had to work and had no free time.


          Some people, like Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and 33 other wealthy parents couldn’t bear their children not having a degree from a top-tier university.  So, they attempted to buy their kids’ way in to a prestigious school and got caught. The indictments involve an alleged $25 million in bribes in coordination with college coaches, admissions counselors, exam administrators and others.

          The foul underbelly of that world splashed onto the front pages of websites and newspapers across the globe when it was exposed for all of the world to see. Now these celebs, wealthy parents, and their co-conspirators are all looking at prison and/or huge fines.

          For example, Lori Loughlin and her husband, clothing designer Mossimo Giannulli, face a possible $250,000 in fines and up to 20 years in prison as they fight the charges. Actress Felicity Huffman and 13 others have agreed to plead guilty for their parts in the conspiracy. William ‘Rick’ Singer, the scammer who ran this operation, and his co-conspirators will surely be spending time in prison as well.

Some Kids Didn’t Know

          It appears that most of the kids didn't know that they were a part of a scheme. Some didn’t even want to go to college, such as Olivia Jade Loughlin, who at the age of 19 is a social influencer with nearly 2 million followers on YouTube, and owns a successful cosmetic line already. In her case, there is evidence she went along with her parents’ plans - she says she trusted her parents.

Is College Worth It?

          Many colleges dispense nothing more than a document that states the students attended and learned subjects with little to no economic value. With the exception of graduates in the STEM disciplines like engineering, chemistry, physics, agriculture, or some subject which, like a trade school, teaches skills for use in the practical world, there is little to commercial value in their education. Student loan debt in the US exceeds $1.5 trillion dollars!

Proof in the Pudding

         To quote a worn out aphorism, “the proof of the pudding is the eating thereof.” Production is the measure of worth. Look at the production of all of the players in this drama! What are their products?

          And once these kids got their degrees, what then? Could they have not received the same worth from a small college if that is what was needed and wanted?

          This was just to show they were better than everybody else and the parents thought they could get away with it. When some get to such a high point of social standing they feel they are above the law. Clearly the prosecutors and the US Constitution say otherwise.

Examples of Production

          Just having a piece of paper hanging on a wall is a product of four years of being off of the market. Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Grant Cardone and his twin brother were raised by their mother in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Both worked their way through McNeese State College - they had nothing handed to them. They didn’t buy their way into or through college. Cardone worked as a salesman, and with hard work, he became a multi-millionaire. Now he’s helping hundreds of thousands to learn how to sell and improve their lives.

The Carberrys

          Another example is the story if Mike and Coleen Carberry, the founders of Advance Medical Integration. Mike is a chiropractor and Coleen is a physical therapist. With hard work and determination, they integrated their practice in Tennessee and soon had 750 patients a week.

         Integration is when you team up an MD, a chiropractor, and other specialists under one roof to collaborate on their patients’ treatment. Their goal is to right the failure of American healthcare. The current system, which merely handles symptoms with drugs, is broken.     

          They figured out very early that having clinics with several different types of doctors who are committed to treating the whole patient is the way forward. Now that is production!

          Integration is the future of healthcare. CLICK HERE or follow us on YouTube and find out how our approach to healthcare is bringing regenerative medicine into the mainstream and helping in the fight against opioids. Medical integration can open up new opportunities for your patients and your practice - call us at 1-888-777-0815 today.