The Evolution of Chiropractic

Living and evolving in an environment that is hostile to one’s survival has been a tough road for mankind. While man struggled to climb to the top of the food chain, he became physically tough and resilient. Through experiencing disease, the body became immune to many of them. We became adept at killing to feed ourselves and developed the ability to escape danger by being clever and fast. As time passed, we mastered fire, tools, and weapons… yet we remain susceptible to disease, injury, and wear and tear.

Medicine Developed by Trial and Error

Over hundreds of thousands of years, man discovered, usually by accident, how an herb or root would ease pain or enhance healing. Each tribe had an elder whose knowledge was passed down the family line.

Man’s early strides in invention and discovery were largely made by accident, resulting in power being vested in the one with knowledge. Man has always needed his medicine man or doctor who knew more than others. That way the patient could have faith in the cure and believe in the medicine man’s powers to cure. It was a mix of natural healers, inherited knowledge, the placebo effect, and superstition.

Fast Forward to the Early 19th Century

During this period there were competing healthcare providers: the natural healers who used herbs, fasting, etc., and allopathic doctors. These doctors began synthesizing man-made medicines touted as “science based” medicinals. Natural products could not be owned, but man-made drugs could.

Doctors of the early 1800’s knew nothing of what caused or cured diseases, relying on emetics, bleeding, prescribing mercury, and other therapies bordering on superstition. The power of doctoring fell into the hands of a few doctors who organized into an exclusive association that excluded any method of treatment other than their system.

At the same time were many other effective natural healing methods that worked better and less expensively. But the “real doctors” had backing of power and money from one of the richest men on the planet, and those outside the group didn’t. Guess which group then began to dominate healthcare?

A New Upstart Began Competing

Chiropractic didn’t rely on drugs or surgery, it helped people in pain who had injuries or other physical anomalies that responded to the new therapies. Over the next century conventional doctors waged a war of attrition on chiropractic, but the establishment wasn’t able to eliminate this upstart that kept successfully treating people in pain.

Chiropractic is Winning

Allopathic medicine uses an almost 100% drug-based therapy system. These doctors write a prescription for the condition, which is usually only a temporary fix. The medication seldom cures – just eases symptoms and postpones the inevitable. In short, allopathic medicine is in collusion with the drug manufacturers who are mainly interested in profit.

Pit this Practice Against a Competitor that Uses no Drugs or Surgery

Over the years, chiropractic would not shy away or die, but instead became more popular. The value of chiropractic as a necessary part of healthcare is becoming apparent and allopathic medicine is recommending chiropractic.

For example:

The American College of Physicians’ updated guidelines for 2017 recommended low back pain sufferers first seek non-drug treatment, such as spinal manipulation. This is a significant development, in that the first resort is no longer a prescription for medication.
Only recently has the US House of Representatives unanimously passed a measure demanding that the VA study and use holistic treatments (including chiropractic) rather than drug-based therapies.
A new Canadian guideline published (May 8, 2017) in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) strongly recommends doctors consider non-pharmacological therapy. Including chiropractic in preference over opioids for treatment of chronic, non-cancer pain.

Advanced Medical Integration

There is a major movement toward integrating chiropractic into mainstream healthcare, as it should have been all along. The ideal way is through a team of providers such as a chiropractor and one or more other professional providers to collaborate on diagnosis through treatment with an aim of total cure without drugs or surgery.

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