Advanced Medical Integration


The AMI CORE Values

Advanced Medical Integration  is shifting the balance in health care towards a holistic system where multiple health care providers in different disciplines work in unison towards helping patients achieve their best possible outcomes.  Together we are defeating the opioid crisis at the root of the problem by getting to patients before they are over-prescribed and helping those patients and their families live longer, more active, and healthier lives. 


"providing or showing creative inspiration"
We are responsible for creating inspiration for ourselves first, then for others.

Everything that we do is bigger than us. We don’t show up to work everyday JUST for ourselves - we show up to make our team more impactful, our clients stronger, and to chase our potential.


"a system of rules of conduct"
We are responsible for being effective thinkers and efficient doers.

At AMI, we do the things we say we’re going to do. Without exception. Discipline starts at the individual level so we train every day in order to continue learning and growing.


"a position of agreement or alliance"
We are responsible for ensuring our activities match priorities of the business.

We only hire growth-oriented individuals because we know that our business can’t grow if our people aren’t growing. Then we align business goals with every team member’s personal, professional, and financial goals - when our team wins, the company wins.


"subject to the obligation to report and explain something; responsible; answerable."
We are responsible to take ownership of our actions – good or bad.

We hold ourselves and our clients accountable to their goals because we know that true growth doesn’t happen by accident. Extreme accountability yields extraordinary results.


"having thoughts, feelings, or motives that are easily perceived"
We are responsible for providing context for our intentions and outcomes.

We have big goals and we’re moving quickly. Our team has full transparency into the priorities of our clients, teams, and organization in order to prioritize the work we do to get us all closer to our goals.


"a consequence, effect, or outcome of something"
We are responsible for defining, measuring, and improving our actions and overall impact.

Results matter. Our clients hire us to 10X their business so every product we create and service offering that we deliver has one goal: deliver results.

We do our best to stand out!

What creates the AMI Culture?

AMI is in a position to transform health care in the United States.  We can’t do it alone, but need the support of dynamic, purposeful and self-driven team members to support our amazing clients.  Through this transformational work we make an impact as a coordinated organization far beyond the simple sum of individuals.

We welcome those that are eager for a challenge and want to be rewarded for helping the organization and its clients win.  We strive to help each employee achieve great strides towards their personal, professional and financial goals.  Welcome to the transformational culture at AMI.

Third Year on THE List!

In July of 2020, AMI reached the Inc. 5000 list at number 2489!

This means, that out of 23.5 million companies in the United States, AMI was number 2,489! Each year, Inc. 5000 reviews this list and selects the top 5000 fastest growing companies. We are continually expanding year after year by 40%!

This year, we are on track to hire and train 140 new employees. We look forward to you joining our family!

Open Positions

We Are Looking For Some EXCEPTIONAL People!

Personal Expansion Our culture is designed to promote from within. Any new job opening, we interview existing team members first!
Training Our team of Executives will supply you with the training and know how to succeed!
Team At AMI there are no office politics. Our teams work together and help each other improve everyday!
Speak with AMI's Hiring Manager about our current employment opportunities today!

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