Brandon Dawson of Cardone Ventures Announces Partnership with Advanced Medical Integration

We are excited to announce that Advanced Medical Integration is teaming up with Brandon Dawson and Grant Cardone's Cardone Ventures in a strategic partnership!

Brandon Dawson will be at our Medical Integration Symposium to show you how they have developed a plan to expand your business and market opportunities. They will help you break through the barrier of growth to maximize your personal and financial growth, with programs designed to help you DOMINATE the market!

Hear it from Brandon in his own words here...

Want to learn how medical integration is changing healthcare for the better? Want to know how AMI, a company that challenges the status quo of healthcare and the mindset that all you need is a prescription to feel better is working to help your practice boom? Find out how Advanced Medical Integration can help train you through our proven systems and establish a multi-faceted physical medical practice that focuses on treating the individual, not a symptom. CLICK HERE or follow us on YouTube and find out how our approach is helping to bring regenerative medicine into the mainstream and lead the fight against the opioid crisis.

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