Boost Your Revenue by Adding Services to Your Practice

Survival Guide

What’s a chiropractor to do in a seemingly exclusive health-care market that has no room for treatment deemed unconventional or holistic? How can chiropractors gain an advantage in a skeptical – and sometimes antagonistic – industry that won’t even listen to outside voices?

Chiropractors have two choices.

  1. Just by sheer hard work and tenacity, the ambitious chiropractor can outwork competitors by marketing on the weekends and the evenings. The chiropractor can open at 8 a.m. and close at 7 p.m., six days a week. Forget vacations. Forget days off for family time. It’s nose to the grind stone at all costs. The chiropractor can cut expenses, add more patients, delay retirement, buy a smaller home, drive used cars. Cut, cut, cut. And work harder, longer and faster.

  2. On the other hand, the chiropractor can own a medically integrated clinic that provides health services that reflect the chiropractor’s personal health-care philosophy. The chiropractor can offer services that are covered by insurance  or which patients will pay cash out of pocket. The care can be more comprehensive and more holistic. As the quality of your clinic’s service rise, and as you offer services that patients would have gotten elsewhere, your business revenue expands.

Medical Integration

Medically integrating your chiropractic practice will lead to sizeable increases in revenue at your practice. But if that’s your objective, you’re making a mistake.

Your top priority in medical integration should be providing your patients with the best and most wide-ranging care. The additional income is obviously a very welcome side effect.

But before considering medical integration, let’s consider the harsh realities of modern health care.

The scales aren’t balanced. Chiropractors must maintain an ongoing marketing presence in their communities to remain viable. Marketing campaigns are rarities in conventional medicine. Do you ever see medical doctors at health fairs, offering weekly care specials, or attending other community events?

Doctors can make a good living seeing 25 patients per day. Chiropractors, on the other hand, must treat more than double that number of patients to make the same living.

Why the Disadvantage?

Why do doctors have the advantage? What is stacking the odds in conventional medicine’s favor? Can chiropractors tap into this advantage?

Watch the commercials for prescription drugs. The pharmaceutical industry has conditioned the public to see doctors for their ailments. And doctors reciprocate by prescribing drugs.

Add the health insurance industry into the mix. While insurers point to conventional doctors for patient treatment, reimbursements for chiropractic services have steadily declined in the last 30 years. In the last five decades the referral network has become an exclusive club of medical practitioners with chiropractors and other holistic-based practitioners on the outside.

Make the Decision

Integrating your practice puts you directly in the flow of patients who would go to medical clinics but may never seek chiropractic help. That means the nearly 90 percent of the American public who never get chiropractic care are open to treatment at your practice.

Medically integrating your practice puts you in the mainstream, which allows you to start instituting your brand of whole-body, holistic care rather than conventional medicine’s sick-care model. You’ll possess the opportunity to reach a considerably wider patient base with well-care treatment options. You’ll be able to influence the tide of American health care rather than being relegated to the sidelines.

Advanced Medical Integration gives chiropractors ready to take the challenge step-by-step, individualized programs that opens doors to expand their practices.

Here’s what you need to succeed: the desire to help, the ability to follow directions and follow through on projects, and the willingness to earn more money.

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