Is It Easier to Market a Medically Integrated Practice?

Statistics don’t work in favor of the chiropractor – at least compared to medical doctors and dentists. Chiropractors treat more than 27 million people annually, according to the American Chiropractic Association. That’s of 323 million Americans, nearly all of whom will go to a medical doctor in their lifetimes. Some 83.6 percent of Americans went

Why is Chiropractic Medical Integration the Wave of The Future?

A patient walks into a medically integrated office. A front desk employee collects her medical and insurance information. She waits for a few minutes before the employee takes her into a treatment room.The chiropractor and the medical doctor enter the room to listen to the woman’s complaints. The MD, who holds the medical license with

How To Survive the Coming Prescription Drug Storm

It’s an average afternoon at your new, medically integrated practice. Everyone on staff is on the same page; team meetings and office collaboration are going fabulously. Then it happens – the patient visit that fortifies in your mind the reason you decided to go with medical integration. You and your medical doctor walk into a

Is This the Right Time to Medically Integrate?

Chiropractors are beginning to recognize the advantages of expanding their practices to include other medical professions to provide patients with more rounded, comprehensive approaches to treatment. The tide of chiropractors medically integrating their practices continues to rise as federal and state legislators search for footing on an unstable healthcare landscape. However, as interest in bringing

In Wake of the Opioid Epidemic, FDA Recommends Chiropractic Care

The Food and Drug Administration has proposed changes to the way it educates healthcare providers on treating pain, including the use of chiropractic care. Healthcare providers “should be knowledgeable about the range of available therapies, when they may be helpful, and when they should be used as part of a multidisciplinary approach to pain management,”