New Stem Cell Research May Pave the Way for Greater Availability

Stem cells are stirring a revolution in the health-care industry by offering the promise of cures for a variety of stubborn human ailments: diabetes, cancer, spinal cord injuries. But scientists have been encountering some significant hurdles in managing what had initially been viewed in research circles as the deliberately volatile and precarious nature of stem

The AMI Mindset of How to Add New Services

Some doctors are very conservative when it comes to innovation, regardless of how small the change. They are satisfied with just supplying superior Chiropractic services day by day without innovation.  But there is a time when adding a product or service, even a small one, could help enhance a practice by broadening the area of

Answering the Overhead Question for Practice Expansion

          Starting and building a practice depends on making a series of investments. Business executives weigh the risks and benefits and move forward based on their analyses. It’s the same with chiropractic. When you open a practice, you weigh the benefits, you calculate the potential profits and you consider the overhead,

Medical Researchers Praise Chiropractic, But There’s More…

Tensions between traditional medicine and chiropractic have existed for more than a century with each side launching accusatory salvos into the other’s camp. Some medical leaders have attempted to delegitimize chiropractic under the guise that it lacks the “scientific” weight of allopathy (conventional medicine). Chiropractic leaders during much of the 20th century accused medical leaders