Cash in the Medically Integrated Office

          Providing exclusively cash-only services at your practice has advantages. You don’t have to bother with the hassle and the constraints of insurance billing. You won’t be subject to audits by insurers wanting to know exactly what services you provided to your patients and why.            A cash-only

Is Medical Integration the Future of Chiropractic?

The healthcare landscape is on the verge of major change in the next ten years, industry leaders are predicting. Future medical practitioners will make diagnoses based on wider, more comprehensive analyses with broader treatment options that address function as opposed to symptoms. Practices of the future will increasingly draw other, sometimes peripheral healthcare models into

Boost Revenue By Adding Services to Your Practice

Survival GuideWhat’s a chiropractor to do in a seemingly exclusive health-care market that has no room for treatment deemed unconventional or holistic? How can chiropractors gain an advantage in a skeptical – and sometimes antagonistic – industry that won’t even listen to outside voices?Chiropractors have two choices.Just by sheer hard work and tenacity, the ambitious

Medical Researchers Praise Chiropractic, and there’s more…

          Tensions between traditional medicine and chiropractic have existed for more than a century with each side launching accusatory salvos into the other’s camp.          Some medical leaders have attempted to delegitimize chiropractic under the guise that it lacks the “scientific” weight of allopathy (conventional medicine). Chiropractic leaders

Growing Issue – Proven Solution

Fourteen percent. That’s the percentage of Americans who say they’ve been to a chiropractor in the last year, according to Palmer College. Twenty-five percent of Americans have seen a chiropractor for treatment in the previous five years. Nearly half of Americans have never seen a chiropractor for treatment.Compare that with the percentages of Americans who