The Hidden Costs of Healthcare

Americans know something is wrong with healthcare, but everyone feels powerless or unable to investigate the problems. We pay $3.2 trillion a year, more per capita than any other developed nation. We hold the gold standard in actual medical care, facilities, physicians and advanced processes and equipment.  Yet we are the most obese nation on

Big Food – Big Money

The tourist guide stood outside of the Louvre with her hands on her hips watching a crowd approach for the morning tour. While holding a bright smile and expression of welcome, she thinks, “Mon Dieu, Les Americains, ils sont tous si gros (Americans, they are all so fat). Twenty American men and women, puffing, sweating

The Men Behind the Opioid Crisis

Who Created the Opioid Crisis?          Man is a pain magnet. There are many varieties and sources of pain to him. Some are much more sensitive to it and pay anything to reduce or stop it. Thus, the creation of pain relievers, and the creation of a type of man who profits

Great News From The Orlando Convention

450 Attendees. 6 different sessions. 30+ Vendors. This was NOT state association event. It did not include CE credits. This was purely based on the value of the training and education delivered at this event.This event was held by Advanced Medical Integration in partnership with our sister company the Chiropractic Business Academy in Orlando, FL.We’ve done

Medical Integration – How To Choose a Physician

You’ve made the investment. You’re ready to take your practice to the next level. You are in the middle of medically integrating your chiropractic clinic and you’re facing what appears to be the greatest obstacle: Hiring a physician.How do you do it?Medically integrating your office has benefits, including expanding your practice and offering your patients