Boost Revenue By Adding Services to Your Practice

Survival GuideWhat’s a chiropractor to do in a seemingly exclusive healthcare market that has no room for treatment deemed unconventional or holistic? How can chiropractors gain an advantage in a skeptical – and sometimes antagonistic – industry that won’t even listen to outside voices?Chiropractors have two choices.Just by sheer hard work and tenacity, the ambitious […]

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Growing Issue – Proven Solution

Fourteen percent. That’s the percentage of Americans who say they’ve been to a chiropractor in the last year, according to Palmer College. Twenty-five percent of Americans have seen a chiropractor for treatment in the previous five years. Nearly half of Americans have never seen a chiropractor for treatment.Compare that with the percentages of Americans who […]

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[Part 3] Regenerative Medicine Report 2018

In previous chapters in this series we covered the definitions of certain protocols used in regenerative medicine as well as covered the huge potential these new amazing therapies can offer. We showed how operating an Integrated practice utilizing regenerative medicine could greatly enhance one’s ability to deliver wellness to every one of your patients without […]

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