Medical Researchers Praise Chiropractic, But There’s More…

Tensions between traditional medicine and chiropractic have existed for more than a century with each side launching accusatory salvos into the other’s camp. Some medical leaders have attempted to delegitimize chiropractic under the guise that it lacks the “scientific” weight of allopathy (conventional medicine). Chiropractic leaders during much of the 20th century accused medical leaders […]

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Is Medical Integration Safe?

You may have heard about medical integration. But you may not be familiar with it. Six percent of your peers have medically integrated their offices, and that number is expected to rise as the financial ground beneath chiropractic continues to get shaky. Who are these six percent? Are these the risk takers or the smart […]

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The Advanced Medical Integration Philosophy of Medically Integrating a Practice

Chiropractic founder D.D. Palmer’s philosophy lays at the foundation of modern chiropractic, espousing wholeness principles that “life is intelligent … and strives to maintain a state of health through adaption mechanisms,” according to Palmer College. Ours is the only field of modern healthcare that has such a profound philosophic base at its forefront that points […]

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