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5 ways Chiropractors and Healthcare Business Owners can Organize and Streamline their Finances

Finance tips from the nation’s leading consulting group for medical integration on how to build a financially successful practice. “How do I organize and streamline finances to build up a successful medical practice?” Isn’t that the Million-Dollar Question? The answer for many has been diversification through medical integration. Advanced Medical Integration (AMI) is the nation’s

Sackler Family Increases Offer to Settle Opioid Crisis Suits

Members of the Sackler family are now offering to contribute nearly $4.3 billion to help settle almost 3,000 lawsuits brought by various communities across the U.S. seeking to hold them and the company they owned, Purdue Pharma, responsible for damages wrought by the opioid epidemic, according to several sources.Many pharmaceutical companies have had a hand

Understanding the Integrated Medical Practice Revenue Cycle

With recent government regulations affecting the healthcare industry, medically integrated and chiropractic practices have been impacted in numerous ways. Certain third-party health insurance payers have negotiated fee-for-service contracts with providers, which has resulted in lower reimbursement or no reimbursement, when it comes to the chiropractic office or a practice that has recently integrated. The Healthcare Insurance Portability

Consulting Firm McKinsey & Company Settles Lawsuits over Role in Opioid Crisis

Despite all the news revolving around healthcare and the pandemic in the last year, efforts to staunch the opioid crisis are still ongoing. Recently, there have been several developments with the companies who were actively pushing the addictive painkillers responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths.The first being Purdue Pharma, the makers of Oxycontin, who

How Businesses Avoid Crises with Successful Codes of Conduct

Interview with Advanced Medical Integration’s Director of Human Resources Andrew Steinwand on how a Business Code of Conduct Improves a Company’s Success and Morale.This past year has shown the world just how volatile businesses can be. While some companies in the medical space have flourished in recent months during an international crisis, others have crumbled.

Why You Should Hire a Chiropractic Consultant

Sometimes, when you don’t know what to do with your practice, you may consider hiring to and listening to the advice of a consultant. This can be a great way of getting input from someone who has less of a bias about your specific business, or a third party if you will.Why Would You Want