Introducing the AMI Today BONUS podcast series

The AMI Today podcast is growing! We're excited to announce that, in addition to our weekly podcast series, we'll be sharing new, shorter audio pieces to help answer specific questions, fix problems, and help you navigate the world of growing your business as you medically integrate your practice.

          You'll find the audio in the places where you already download AMI Today (Stitcher and iTunes) - just subscribe and they'll drop into your stream. We'll also provide a link to the audio from our podcast page here on the website.

          Want to ask Dr. Carberry a question? Shoot an email to [email protected] and we'll post the answer so everyone can share in the knowledge. We'll also scour our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages for great questions to share as well!

          Help us spread the word: if you like our episode, be sure to share, comment, and subscribe so we can all get the best out of it!

          Oh, and one more thing: if you like the AMI Today podcast as it is, please don't worry. We will still be publishing the full length episodes every week as we always have!

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