The AMI Mindset of How to Add New Services

Some doctors are very conservative when it comes to innovation, regardless of how small the change. They are satisfied with just supplying superior Chiropractic services day by day without innovation.  But there is a time when adding a product or service, even a small one, could help enhance a practice by broadening the area of helping the patient.

For example, should your practice start prescribing braces (DME) as part of your treatment protocol?

This is just an example of one of the additions a Doctor could use to augment treatment. Some Doctors add the sale of supplements, muscle testing, nutritional aspects, Vax-D, a massage therapist, and a variety of others that may or may not fit in with the Doctor’s philosophy or needs.

Any addition that may be added to the Doctor’s treatment program has to answer the following three criteria before they are implemented or installed.

  • Will it help the patient?  In the case of braces, will this assist the Doctor in his treatment procedure?  He may consider that it could help the patient’s pain index between adjustments, help in posture that could stop erosion of bone or avoid a nerve touching a disc. This question must be resolved by the Doctor’s decision of whether the addition of a brace could assist in the overall treatment program for each individual patient. If so, perhaps it should be implemented. On the other hand, is the patient better off without it? Both sides of the question could be consulted.

  • Is it legal and compliant? That is a key question to ask yourself, as of course any service you add needs to be completely compliant with the laws of your state as well as the insurance rules that you follow. Some states do allow chiropractors to prescribe bracing and when you sign up with us we’ll guide you through that process exactly and especially once you are a medically integrated practice there are many braces that become available to your new practice.

  • Now, down to the nitty gritty. Is it profitable?  How can you make a profit from this?  Of course, you are not in business as a charity. You must make money to survive and flourish. The more people you are helping and the more ways that you can help them then the more money you should make.

So how can you make money with additional products?  If you are selling supplements, there should be a built in profit margin. The same would apply if you sold braces, but this becomes a slippery slope when you prescribe an expensive brace and are questioned by the insurer if it is necessary. 

However, insurers usually pay for braces without question, for using them ordinarily reduces pain and increases mobility, and as such can operate to delay and even avoid expensive surgery. Insurance companies do not like to pay for those hospital and surgeon bills, and if there is any way to slow this down by braces or otherwise, they are happy to oblige and pay up.

That alone means it could be profitable, as the insurer happily pays for braces, thinking of how long that could delay surgery. And this additional service provided above and beyond adjustment will be vastly appreciated by the patient, meaning a happier person out there, who will recommend friends. So, it has a multiple benefit effect.

All of this and a hundred times more information is taught and made available in AMI’s program.  It provides one-on-one personal counseling in your office where they can get a good look and lengthy evaluation of your practice and see where improvements may be made in real time. There are incredibly interesting and enlightening seminars, videos and training manuals for our training programs, and you will have coaches to call when you need help.  Having AMI assist you in your practice is like getting a new, big, very smart family that is there whenever you need them for help of any kind.

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