About AMI


AMI (Advanced Medical Integration) is the nation’s leading consulting group for establishing holistic, philosophically-based medical integration. Whether you are new to medical integration or already have an integrated center, AMI will help you develop your practice to the new standard in desired holistic medical services.

We discovered more than a decade ago that the physical medicine practice of the future is needed now. Societal healthcare trends and the lack of responsible, holistic practitioners have led to the current opioid epidemic in the U.S. No longer can practitioners stand on the sidelines hoping for change; it must come from within. AMI provides you with a proven path to make positive change by having a principled, multi-disciplinary team under one roof, providing the best possible care for patients.


The guiding principles behind the movement of AMI are Michael Carberry, DC and Coleen Carberry, PT. The Carberrys have been integrated since the day they met. Who would have thought that a chiropractor would marry the adversary of the profession, a physical therapist, and together go on to create the HEALTHCARE MODEL OF THE FUTURE?

The Carberrys first integrated their practice in the late 1990s in Pennsylvania. Since then their ideas, the processes, and the materials they've developed have been used to integrate thousands of practices across the country. They currently live in Oregon and own a thriving integrated practice in Tennessee (which is one of many location hosts for AMI ‘live practice’ trainings).

With all the problems facing healthcare practice and healthcare business, the Carberrys decided to channel their lives' work into the most successful medical integration consulting group, Advanced Medical Integration. AMI is here to teach chiropractors, MDs, and other licensed providers how to not only survive, but to thrive in practice throughout the next decade by actually aligning the services of your clinic with those that are most beneficial for the patient, philosophically sound, sought after by the public, as well as comfortably reimbursed by insurers or as cash services.


The AMI Program

The team at AMI diligently guides you through every single step necessary to successfully establish this new model for care. Your current clinic can transform into a rejuvenated medicine practice, providing high-demand services for your community. For chiropractors switching to this new model, you now can serve the 90 percent of the community that doesn’t currently go to chiropractors. For family practice MDs and DOs, this allows you to free yourself from the HMOs and drug industry-influenced decision making common to the field, by adding an array of sought-after cash services to your town.

Integrating your practice dramatically expands the types of services you are able to offer your community. Through our carefully crafted process, your personal coach, as well as Dr. Mike or Coleen, guides you though every step. We provide complete assistance, whether it is through your implementation coach, the extensive members-only website (packed with content and training resources), or any of our seminars, conferences, summits, or webinars. Never before has such a principled, high-ethics program been available to clinic owners. AMI’s success only comes from the success in our clients’ ability to help more people. We welcome you to the practice of the future… now!  

AMI is #2489 for 2020!

Inc. 5000: AMI Makes the Grade for the Third Year in a Row

If entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the economy, consider the Inc. 5000 America's circulatory system.

AMI is proud to have marked this achievement yet again!