Medical Practices may be Useless or Worse

More than 40 percent of established practices studied were found to be ineffective or harmful, 38 percent beneficial, and the remaining 22 percent unknown. – Nicholas BakalarJuly 13, 2010, New York Times Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Innovations Should be Tested and not Ignored if they Work There are many innovations in the practice of medicine that are […]

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[Part 1] Regenerative Medicine Report 2018

The Future is Now We are living in an age which is devising technology that just a few years ago would be Science Fiction, and earlier than that it would be considered to be “magic”.  The replacement of limbs and vital parts is only an innovation away, and no longer the stuff of Star Trek.  […]

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Answering the Overhead Question for Practice Expansion

Starting and building a practice depends on making a series of investments. Business executives weigh the risks and benefits and move forward based on their analyses. It’s the same with chiropractic. You open a practice, you weigh the benefits, you calculate the potential profits and you consider the overhead, which includes employee salaries, fees and […]

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