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“If Chiropractors took over health care, what would it look like?” Michael Carberry, DC

The Future Model of Health Care
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The Future Model of Health Care

The future health care model is almost certainly one in which many different providers work together under one roof to provide the best care possible for your community. Chiropractic medical integration is a proven model that will be...continue reading

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Already Integrated? Watch this Video

Having the foundation of an integrated practice can give you a solid sense of relief that you are insulated from the squeeze of insurance reimbursements and chiropractic regulations. HOWEVER, we have found that many of the 'medical integration' management companies out there have not crossed all of their "T's" and dotted all of their "I's". There are even groups out there with past felony charges! Our personal opinion on approaching Medical Integration is to develop a HIGH INTEGRITY practice. We have found NO NEED to go into any GREY AREAS. Why put your neck out on the line when you can do it right??


There are plenty reasons why!!

Our Medical Integration program has withstood the test of time and has been continually upgraded and updated to the latest in compliance, as well as ease in implementation. We promise the highest integrity program available to the chiropractic profession. continue reading


With our personalized attention, you are only a phone call or mouse click away from accessing our team.


The only way to have a bullet-proof, easy-to-operate and worry-free medical integrated practice is have rock-solid systems.


Our goal is to get you through the gate running fast, so you see a return on your investment in the new practice in no time.


With the tide of continual changes in regulations and compliance we ensure you are getting the CORRECT information.


One of the side-effects of a medically-integrated practice is a much higher reimbursement rate. Take that to the bank.

Executive MastermindExecutive Mastermind

The doctors in our program are the leaders (and the highest producers) in chiropractic. You will be soon joining those ranks.

Our Integration Programin 3 Steps...

Bringing on new services into an existing practice can be easy and profitable when done the right way. However, for the busy practice owner with little to no experience working with various providers as his employees, this process can seem like a daunting task. Chiropractic medical integration does require a blueprint to ensure long-term success not only as a health care portal, but as a business enterprise... That’s why AMI makes it easy…

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evaluation & strategy

Every practice is unique, and AMI has several programs that can be tailored to your situation and your goals. We want you to be happy and to profit immediately in this new model.


Following a clear checklist, we coach you through every step, whether it be hiring your first medical staff or expanding your physical office space...we are here every step of the way.


Once you have been trained on the exact systems you needed to build your ideal practice, patients are getting better and profits are rolling in, it’s time to refine it to perfection. Maybe our greatest ability is getting your integrated clinic firing on all cylinders.

"Dr Carberry has made MD/DC practice easy, safe, super-profitable and purpose-driven. This is the change in health care that is so desperately needed and AMI is helping chiropractors reap the reward for leading the way."